Veritas Commodities Brazil helps Latin America food manufacturers to coordinate their sales Globally, as well as connecting importers with strategical key suppliers and ensuring an efficient running of their buying and logistic operations. Using the services of a specialized food brokerage is much less expensive - Veritas Commodites Brazil is your loyal alliance during the importing and exporting processes, not to mention the possibilities of structuring successful private labels.

Our company started activities in 2005 exporting sugar and powdered milk to several countries, over time we focused on increasing our product portfolio and we realized that Brazil and Latin America are strategical hubs for food exporting and one of the most competitive in the World, when it comes to commodities. Consequentely, our qualified team of professionals, decided to use their depth industry knowledge and expertise to maximize sales volume and profits for their clients.

The reason why producers and manufacturers often choose to use a food broker is to save money. Our company has made numerous connections with local and international producers, wholesalers and retailers. It is much easier to negociate, with one single company with lots of connections, than it is to deal with representatives from every possible manufacturer.We have an extensive range of contacts and have the local knowledge and expertise in the food bussine.

Highlighting again that your time,energy and money will be saved during the entire supply chain.

A Purchasing Company responsabilities may include:
• seeking reliable suppliers to provide quality food at reasonable prices;
• negotiating prices, conditions and contracts;
• reviewing technical specifications for general foods;
• determining quantity, logistic follow-up and timing of deliveries;
• forecasting upcoming demand


Our main objective is to be a company internationally recognized for the quality of our products and services. To reach this level of knowledge acquired in various goods, we have a team of trained professionals focused on prospecting partner companies that have excellence in quality, commitment and a global vision. Our suppliers are market leaders, competitive, highly qualified and internationally certified, thus demanding the credibility of our products and services.


Veritas Commodities Brasil Trading offers a diversified portfolio of products originating from decades of commercial transactions and relationships with the most respected industries and suppliers. We are great partners of our customers in the process of analysis, selection of the best products and in operational logistics. We participate in the entire export process, checking the quality of the products and their suitability for the buyer market, until delivery at the final destination.


Our purposes are based on respect, good relationships, ethics, commitment and humility. The best deal is one that benefits all parties, balanced deals guarantee sustainability and long life. We are obstinate for better performance and our customers are the reason for our existence. Our partnerships are build up for a long term duration, with maximum loyalty and always based on win win negociations.